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Labor Advisory on Extreme Heat

By May 2, 2024No Comments

Given that the extreme heat that we are experiencing will continue, for this month, let’s take a look at Labor Advisory No. 08 Series of 2023.


Here DOLE urges employers to adopt measures to lessen the effect of extreme heat at work. In particular, employers are advised to


  • Assess their workers’ risk exposure to extreme heat vis-à-vis their comorbidities and then implement the appropriate measure like ensuring effective ventilation and heat insulation in workplaces, adjusting rest breaks, giving temperature-appropriate uniforms and personal protective equipment, and providing drinking water with a directive to drink at least two to three liters a day.


  • Implement information and advocacy campaigns on heat stress symptoms and how to deal with it.


  • Establish procedures on how to deal with heat-related emergencies


Employers and workers may also agree to adopt a flexible work arrangement to limit exposure to extreme heat.


Employers may also seek assistance from DOLE in the review and development of appropriate safety and health measures to prevent and control heat stress at workplace.

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